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Meal Prepping – Waste Not Want Not

Lately, we've been trying really hard to eat better, not waste as much food (overspending on perishables), and actually cook. I would like to tell you it's super easy & cheap..but it really isn't any more expensive to eat healthy then it is to eat's the trial and error process of figuring out what… Continue reading Meal Prepping – Waste Not Want Not

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Butchering the meat chickens- 2 days & counting

Just 2 days until we butcher the meat chickens. And what more appropriate timing that the day after Thanksgiving? Fresh chicken meat is something to be thankful for. I'll admit, I didn't think I was cut out (get it...cut out) for this when we did processed the first bunch last spring. But really, it's not… Continue reading Butchering the meat chickens- 2 days & counting

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How To Make Bone Broth

 Good Broth can resurrect the dead- South American Proverb   Up until this year I hadn't dreamt of making bone broth, much less consuming it.   When we butchered & processed 27 meat chickens this past April, I specifically requested that I get to keep the necks & random boney/cartilage parts for broth making. I didn't keep the heads… Continue reading How To Make Bone Broth

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Building a Chicken Coop for the Meat Chickens

We spent this past Sunday afternoon building a chicken coop for the meat chickens (off-site from our house in the city). "Why?", you ask. Because all the cool kids are doing it. Just kidding! Really it's because we're getting 50 day-old Cornish-rock meat chickens to raise & butcher. And apparently that is a few too many chickens for my backyard… Continue reading Building a Chicken Coop for the Meat Chickens