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Simple Life

I'm long overdue on about 621 blog posts. There's been good food, some of the best time spent with friends, and  awesome vacations, but life keeps getting in the way. So my words on this one are short. I'm sharing the view of life through our eyes, here on the farm as of late. It's… Continue reading Simple Life

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Farm Update – February 2017

It's been FOR-EV-ER since we have been able to give a farm update. And honestly, there isn't a whole lot to report (or so I originally thought). Regardless, I'm doing it anyways for the record keeping part & that maybe it'll inspire someone else to get a backyard chicken or 2 (or 9, but who's counting),… Continue reading Farm Update – February 2017

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Meal Prepping – Waste Not Want Not

Lately, we've been trying really hard to eat better, not waste as much food (overspending on perishables), and actually cook. I would like to tell you it's super easy & cheap..but it really isn't any more expensive to eat healthy then it is to eat's the trial and error process of figuring out what… Continue reading Meal Prepping – Waste Not Want Not