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Simple Life

I'm long overdue on about 621 blog posts. There's been good food, some of the best time spent with friends, and  awesome vacations, but life keeps getting in the way. So my words on this one are short. I'm sharing the view of life through our eyes, here on the farm as of late. It's… Continue reading Simple Life

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Farm Update – February 2017

It's been FOR-EV-ER since we have been able to give a farm update. And honestly, there isn't a whole lot to report (or so I originally thought). Regardless, I'm doing it anyways for the record keeping part & that maybe it'll inspire someone else to get a backyard chicken or 2 (or 9, but who's counting),… Continue reading Farm Update – February 2017

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Butchering the meat chickens- 2 days & counting

Just 2 days until we butcher the meat chickens. And what more appropriate timing that the day after Thanksgiving? Fresh chicken meat is something to be thankful for. I'll admit, I didn't think I was cut out (get it...cut out) for this when we did processed the first bunch last spring. But really, it's not… Continue reading Butchering the meat chickens- 2 days & counting

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Building a Chicken Coop for the Meat Chickens

We spent this past Sunday afternoon building a chicken coop for the meat chickens (off-site from our house in the city). "Why?", you ask. Because all the cool kids are doing it. Just kidding! Really it's because we're getting 50 day-old Cornish-rock meat chickens to raise & butcher. And apparently that is a few too many chickens for my backyard… Continue reading Building a Chicken Coop for the Meat Chickens