Hey there! I’m Randi. Texan born & raised. Fire wife, mom of 2, & life evolver! Like many of you, I too have experienced some “hardships”…mine stemming from chronic illness. I may fully share the details of that at some point, but I mostly want to share how it has positively impacted my life, and encourage others in the process. God didn’t put me here to have suffered, come back out on top & stay silent about it 😉 In the midst of it all, He even sat a home based business in our lap that is changing it up on the home front, serving as the vehicle to change our lives & in doing so, the lives of others!

Randi Elston

So…what’s this blog about anyways?

It’s a little bit of everything I love! I don’t have a “niche”, per say. It’s about changes, good things & the bad. It’s about evolving. Evolving into our FULL potential.

Occasionally, it’s about good food we whipped up (when I remember to take pictures before we’ve eaten it all) and our homesteading attempts (I have a thing for chickens, dirt & food preservation).

It’s about coffee, wine, really good books, kids….LOVING YOURSELF, being vulnerable & open to His blessings & celebrating all the moments of life!

Life is better when we are continually working on the best version of ourself! – Randi