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How to can Potatoes for long term storage

Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in potatoes. And now that I’m done with potatoes, it’s green beans. So I figured I ought to get this up here on the blog before I start the next and forget what I have already done!


You’ll have to forgive me too, because my attention span is short. You see, I’ve got a basketful of goodness straight from the garden, just begging to be made into a quiche of some sort. And a pool with kiddos to soak up some vitamin D in. You see – summer is HERE! And I couldn’t be any more excited about it. It’s my first summer home since high school, and I get to spend all that time with my kiddos! This will be the first time in almost 10 years that I haven’t paid someone to make memories with my kids. The first time I can squeeze in all. the. things. because my mind isn’t giving crumbs to my family at the end of a 8 hour work day. The first time I can spend as much leisurely time in the garden as I please, or day trips with the girls to go exploring the great state of Texas (and all the good food!).



Any who. So I decided to make a short-ish video of canning potatoes. Looking back I did leave quite a few things out, so I always recommend doing a little bit of research on what you are canning before hand. Googling (insert your item here) canning guidelines is usually a good start. There are some guidelines by actual canning companies like Ball and others by state. Just always err on the side of caution, food poisoning isn’t fun for anyone!  But it’s a start, and I hope to improve upon it. Like tomorrow, since green bean canning starts tonight!



So why’d we can potatoes? Well, because Texas weather is not appropriate for long term storage. It’s almost always too hot, and too humid. So instead we can them, and similar to any store bought/shelf stable item – it’ll nearly last forever, and you’ll know if it’s no good any more.



So how much did (2) 110 ft rows of golden and red potatoes make? 40 Pints & 16 Quarts. 16 hours worth of canning. More than enough potatoes for our family of 4, for a year. That’ll make green beans & potatoes, potato salad, potato soup, vegetable soup…potatoes are super versatile! And the ones too small to peel, ended up in a mean potato salad. Like, the best ever. I promise I’ll share that, but it’ll have to be for another day.



Here’s my how-to, I hope you enjoy it!


or click here:​​​​


Helpful References for Canning Potatoes:

Items from Amazon that make canning easy(ier) – affiliate links FYI:

Canning Jars

Lids & Rings

Pressure Canner

Jar Lifter



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