Farm Life

And so it begins. Again.

They call me the crazy chicken lady. Well, maybe they don’t, but I’ve self diagnosed myself as such.


I have a tugging at my soul to get out in the dirt. A love for the warmth of the sunshine in the middle of winter. A need for baskets of fresh eggs, and fresh veggies piled up on my countertops.


And so it begins. Again.


The simple life is calling. It’s been the end-goal for the last few years of camper living & house building. We’ve made it.


The pasture has been plowed, seeds have been sown. Chickens have made their way to us through good friends.


Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a TON of work left to do around the ‘farm’. We are far from where we want to be. There is a greenhouse/chicken coop that needs to be built, compost pile to be started, fruit trees to be ordered and planted, and lots of flowers/flowering trees for the bees nearby. And I have dreams of a roadside stand to fill our summer days with in between dips in the pool.


But we’ve arrived. Arrived to a work hard & reap the rewards time of our life. A rewarding time that I never thought would be possible just a few short years ago. The time freedom to do what we want, to live with purpose & passion for the things we love and to help bless others abundantly through our gifts.


And so it begins. Again. Get ready, y’all.


P.S. You can follow along on social media with #ElstonsFarmAdventures





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