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How Do You Show Up to Life Each Day?

So I was sitting in bed the other night, and had the TV on (truth be told I don’t watch it a lot), and heard a commercial for a weight loss program, and the question asked in it was “How do you show up to life each day?” (or some version of that)


For some reason it caught my attention & before it was over I had already grabbed my phone & plugged that question into the Notes section. Dang technology, you’re so handy sometimes.


So I decided to ask the same question on social media. I’m curious about the human brain & how we perceive “life” differently. I’ll  go ahead & admit I was slightly disappointed, not necessarily in the responses I got, but the lack thereof, and some that missed the point (possibly intentionally) entirely.


You see, there once was a time (a verrryyy long time) that I was not excited about life. Life sucked. I dreaded each day, sometimes even the day before. Each meal, each bedtime, each wakeup. But you know what? I LET IT SUCK & I sucked down people in the process.


Sometimes we don’t want to be honest with ourselves about our situations & sure as heck not with others. We don’t want to show our vulnerability. I’ve actually met some people in my life that really believe being vulnerable falls under the category of “airing ones dirty laundry”, “being lesser than”, almost comparable to a sin – except it’s one that everyone knows about so for some reason it’s even worse.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hiding your crazy (don’t even tell me you don’t have a smidgen of it), but being vulnerable – it opens us up for possibility, receiving of blessings & the opportunity to bless others. Why on earth would anyone want to hinder that? Why would you limit yourself to your current situation with no possibility for growth?

How Do you Show UP

So I ask you to write this down for yourself-  How do you show up to life each day? Are you dreading it? Maybe sliding in sideways, high fiving life? Not enough gumption to make yourself presentable? Or pulling those big girl panties up & telling life how it’s going to go down? Or maybe somewhere in between?


Be honest with yourself – Do you like how you show up for life each day? Are you running your life, or is your life running you? …Annnd GO!



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