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3 Tips for Staying on Track with your Health Goals

2017 is MY year! Can you hear me ROAR?


2015 had me feeling like I was laying in a bar ditch waiting on the buzzards to find me, 2016 I crawled out & found the light at the end of the tunnel, and this year I’m headed to the top of the mountain!


Ok, so I realize this may already be your 2015, but I want to tell you – you don’t have to stay there! Yes, there are physical aspects that can hinder your potential, BUT 99% of success is mindset. Everyday. All day.


Here’s 3 (SIMPLE) Tips for Staying on Track with your Health/Wellness Goals:



  1. Get out of bed. Get out of your mind. Some days you aren’t going to feel like it. Whether exercise is your goal, or healthier eating – you can’t really do either effectively in the confines of your mental prison or under the covers. Get up & get out!
  2. Write it down – get organized. Figure out when is best for you to meal prep & make a list, or when you can workout with your schedule (insert your goal here). Everyone is busy, has sick kids, a million after school/work activities. Everyone has the SAME 24. Get organized & stay consistent in reaching towards the mile markers to meet your goal.
  3. Forgive yourself when you fail (& then get up again). Everyday is a new day. Some days are stinky. We’re all going to have days that don’t go as planned. It happens, but it’s no reason to fall off the bandwagon & call it quits. Cry if you need to, but don’t waller in it. It doesn’t do you or anyone around you any good.


That’s literally it, y’all. I could go on & on, more in depth. But this is the bare bones, necessity & realistic-ness (is that even a word?) of staying on track!


What helps you stay “the path”?


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