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Goals & Other Such

Happy New Year!


By this time, yes, January 5th, every year…approximately 85% of people have already forgotten or given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. That. Is. Crazy. to me. But, I too am guilty of it in year’s past as well.


I recently visited with a friend, that had said her preacher told them not to make resolutions, but instead to make goals. I couldn’t agree more!


Every year, around the 1st of January, I usually see a flood of posts on various social media with everyone shouting from the rooftops how this year will be “different” and then their lofty resolutions for eating better & working out. This year has been totally different. I literally have not seen anyone verbalizing their resolutions for the world to see. My husband & I talked about this, and we just can’t figure it out. Is everyone just not making any this year? Or taking the path of not telling anyone for fear of failure…again?


So why make a goal instead of a resolution? I think it’s easier & more practical to obtain goals, because you can set them up for short & long term…one building upon the next, adjusting accordingly as needed, and it’s not quite a “well, I didn’t do this like a resolved to, so I’ll try again next year.”


Have the standard goal of losing weight in 2017? Or perhaps a goal of eating better, reducing the amount of stress in your life, business pursuits, volunteer work? Let me ask you this:

  1. What are your GOALS to get you there?
  2. HOW are you going to do it? Accountability partner or maybe an app for that?
  3. WHAT changes/sacrifices will you have to make in order to get there?
  4. WHY is this so important to you?
  5. WHEN do you intend on meeting certain milestones along the way?

I challenge you to write these questions down, and answer each one. And when you think you’re finished, just ask yourself WHY one more time on each one & see why you think it, really deep down.


I believe in VISION boards & knowing your “why”. If you can’t spill your guts to yourself on why you want to make a change so badly, or take the time to make a visual, daily reminder (and I am not talking about a Pinterest board that’s out of site)- then you probably AREN’T going to make a change. Nothing changes if nothing changes. <<–#truthbomb


Here’s another truth, your success or failure in the goals you have set for yourself is entirely up to YOU. You can’t blame an accountability partner for you not staying accountable. Success is 99% an inside job, and no one else is going to do the work for you.  It all boils down to not making excuses, and how bad you want it. This is not to say that there are some “seasons” of things that slow our goals down (illness, etc.), but don’t willingly look for excuses to justify the common things that keep us from succeeding like laziness & mental self sabotage (you gotta cut that out, btw!). You literally have to change your mindset & BELIEVE in yourself!

So what goals are you setting for yourself this year? Come on & share! Let’s spread some positivity, lift each other up & cheer each other on! Every little bit helps ❤


Best of luck (and hard work!),







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