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Farewell 2016

2016. You’ve been a crazy , wild ride.


I never imagined HOW many things could evolve over the course of a year. I could literally share with you month by month how things have jumped from one spectrum to another.



Life, Evolving - Randi Elston

For every tall oak, there once was a nut that stood it’s ground. -Unknown


  • After 2015’s struggles, I had no idea that I could hit an ever lower point of my life. (whomp, whomp) – but really, I’m keeping it real. I am happy to let you know that everything Is in a much better place. If you are looking around wondering why everyone else is living the “high life, best of moments, highlights reel”. It’s lies. All lies. It’s natural for us to hide our crazy, and I want to let you know that we ALL have crazy in our lives. How we handle it, how we react to it, and how/if we keep on trucking through it is totally up to us.


  • We started & finished the HOUSE! Well, sort of. I still need to grout the master shower. But it’s pretty much done! If you don’t know, we lived in our travel trailer for nearly 2 years, so this was a much needed stretch of our legs and our mind.


  • Balance – We finally found BALANCE in our life. Ok, so maybe *I* did…but when momma’s happy, everyone else is happy 😉 I recognized unhealthy environment(s) that were literally dragging me down mentally & physically. I posted earlier this year about making changes & making them happen. I wasn’t just preaching to you about it, I did it. I made it happen!


  • I sought out counsel when I knew I needed guidance in making decisions. I don’t consider this a sign of weakness, and I share this with you because I *know* many of you are struggling and continue to struggle. But I ask you, is the continued struggle worth it? We often hear, Give it to God, and sometimes we do but with a string still attached. I highly recommend GIVING IT UP, handing it COMPLETELY over.


  • We TRAVELED! Port Aransas, TX to Ouray, CO and everywhere in between. We took the kids to the beach & went with friends to the mountains. But from the salty gulf coast air to the quietness of the Rockies…there was something incredibly therapeutic about it all. Time seems to standstill in both of those places for me. If you ever have the opportunity to visit those, msg me & I’ll share our lodging locations! So I say travel, travel OFTEN. I really don’t believe we were meant to live our whole lives & not see anything outside of our town.


  • My business GREW. I quit my day job less than a year into my biz. This literally changed my family’s life through residual income, time freedom – resources that are necessary to LIVE. As much as people say money is evil, it’s kind of like air – you need it to have a house, a car, gas for the car, food on the table (aka adulting). Now there is more time to be there for my family, work on my continued health, play in the kitchen & in the dirt (Spring 2017 garden coming soon!) – to pursue passions in life like encouraging others to take control of their life. I’m not sure what your passions are, but if you’re ready for a change, I’d love to share with you!


Life, Evolving - Randi Elston

If you are too lazy to plow, do not expect a harvest. Proverbs 20:4 (nothing changes, if nothing changes)


2016, you’ve been GREAT. Like REALLY great! My health, my mind, my faith – I’ve evolved…grown in every aspect, and am forever grateful for everything that happened to make it all come together.


I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!





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