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Things have changed…

Life these days…It has changed. You keep hearing me say this & I really haven’t had a chance to fully explain. I’m mean, “Changing skin, changing lives” sounds like a pretty ridiculous tag line, right?! 
You see, these days I am able to live life on my terms…and time. I work my growing business several hours a day where my family’s schedule allows & provide ongoing support to my growing team. All the while, I am fully available to my husband, kids & household. 
Though a few years ago, we were in a completely different lifestyle. After nearly a decade of mystery illness, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in 2015. We felt a weight lifted off of our shoulders with a diagnosis, but as the year progressed it turned out to be far more than we bargained for. 
Additionally, I worked full time in insurance (a “job” that kept finding me, though I had never planned on growing up to be an insurance agent) and as time went on, my work environment proved to be a key player in aggravating my symptoms.
In an effort to attend all 119 doctor appointments of 2015 and manage stress/symptoms- we cut my hours down to less than part time. 2015 was self admittedly my lowest point in life, uninspired, unmotivated, I had no hope at times (ok most of the time) and Chris & I knew something was going to have to change. I was literally working to pay my medical bills & I was working for someone else’s dream…in that pay bills and die work mode…and it was killing every inch of my being to either be in bed, at the doctor, or at work. I was a missing participant in our family, and who I needed to be for my husband & kids. 
LUCKILY, we went a different direction with my treatment & I started to get better (yay remission!) & I threw myself back into the work place full time. It’s kind of strange to be thankful for such a low point in my life, but without it I don’t think I would’ve as been hyper-aware of my environment & relationships. I mean, I was getting better and was determined that nothing and no one was going to drag me down! 
Ironically, right around the time I received my Christmas bonus at my job – I saw a post similar to what you have now seen me post for almost the last year about savings if I were to order from this little skincare company. I’m not sure if it was the stress of illness and pain for so long, taking 45+ meds a day wrecking havoc on my skin, or what- but my skin looked like 💩. This newfound health had me feeling all good on the inside & I was not seeing anything healthy going on on my skin! I had battled acne for 17 years, had acquired 17 years of acne scars and on my 30th birthday…I noticed I was getting wrinkles, fine lines, a really dark patch of my melasma on my upper lip (a girls’ worst nightmare) on top of my acne! 
So in a random, unplanned moment, I reached out to (Charla, who is now my sponsor) the person who made this offer and shared my skin concerns with her and asked the best way to save – I was on this budget of a small Christmas bonus, after all. Business kit she replied- you save 50% upfront and 25% on any future orders, no commitment to sell, 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee- and then she shared some business facts. 
Y’all it was like the light bulb turned on and the angels sang. THIS was the something that was going to be the change that so desperately needed to happen…and we weren’t even actively looking! After avoiding and poo pooing these posts I’d been seeing on FB for 18 months (yep, it’s true!), I ran it by my husband and oddly enough (love you babe 😘) he was totally on board (he’s normally a skeptic to these things, though he probably just wanted Mama happy at the time). Less than 24 hours later I went online, got enrolled & immediately started sharing these products with everyone I came in contact with. Within a few weeks, my skin was starting to improve and my confidence in the products and myself started to grow. My heart literally could burst from the love and positive energy within our team- there is no way I could’ve done this all on my own!
Some facts about my journey as we approach my 1 year “Rodanniversary”:
💙I’ve never not earned a paycheck since I started in December 2015.
💙My paychecks have always covered any products I order for myself. 60 days in I paid myself back for my initial investment & I have not been out a dime since.
💙I have the best skin I’ve had in my entire adult life & I love helping others feel confident in themselves. 
💙I have found my purpose and passion- to encourage others to be the best version of themselves, for them-self and their family. Life is short to be sick & tired of being sick & tired- it’s meant to be LIVED!
💙This business has brought more personal growth than I ever thought possible & was not even prepared for. I am a better wife, mom & friend (just ask my family). It has reignited a FIRE within me!
💙This business has created a newfound time freedom that allows me to be present in my family’s life and freedom to spend my “spare time” how I see fit through managing my health, volunteer work, etc. 
💙 I walked away from my “day job” in October 2016 for this little skincare business! Wahoo!🎉💥👊🏻 I’m sure your thinking, “What kind of husband lets their wife walk away from steady, predicted income?!” We took a huge leap of faith in what we feel God dumped in our lap & within a mere 30 minutes of our decision of me to leave my job all the pieces fell into place- it was confirmation that He didn’t give us this to do it halfway & this business will contribute something BIG to our life and the lives of others, this was IT. 
💙 My health is the best it has been in YEARS – this business has been a breath of fresh air into our life physically, mentally and spiritually. My work life now takes 2nd fiddle to my actual life. We are thankful for the residual income now and in the future should my health ever take us back to 2015.
We are forever thankful for this opportunity & for the situation that brought us to say “yes”! Who knew a little skincare business could change our life in such a huge way?! Thank you times a million to our friends & family that have trusted me with their skin & thank you to our growing team…and if you’re reading this and have been considering this business, I would love to visit with you to help you decide if this is the right thing for you/your family. If you’re in need of some life changing skincare, I’m your girl 🙋🏼. -Randi 
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