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Hatch Green Chili Stew (w/ Deer Meat)

I promise I won’t share ALL our recipes with you, but I will share our favorites! 

Food as nourishing and a source of comfort as it is…had been the subject of so much anguish the last 5 years for me. Chronic illness, multiple food allergies and sensitivies left me, well, sensitive. It’s been a love/hate relationship to say the very least. But we aren’t going to be a Debbie Downer, onward and upward, right?!

We recently returned from an awesome vacation to Ouray, CO and Red River, NM- right in the middle of the Hatch Chili Festical! Oddly enough, there weren’t any Hatch Chili’s being paraded around- it wasn’t a big deal at all. So naturally when we returned to Texas (because we do everything BIGGER here 😉) they were everywhere and in everything (like bacon, Bologna, syrup…everything) at HEB, so I stocked up on some. 
Then they sat there in my (brand spankin’ new- did I mention we lived in our travel trailer for almost 2 years) pantry. And then I didn’t have counter tops for 2 weeks. And then they almost went to the compost pile 💩 – but I saved them just in time 🙌

If you followed my previous blog, you know that recipes are nearly guidelines IMO – so while I can’t say most of my recipes are from scratch & original- they’re pretty modified from the original. Oh, and they are almost never pretty, but that’s ok bc it all goes to the same place, right?! 😂

So with it being hump day, being out of GF bread & the normal “stand by” dinner ingredients, and not going grocery shopping again until the weekend- we whipped up what we had- a freezer of deer meat & veggies on their last leg!

BTW- check out those gorg counter tops 😍

🍵 Hatch Green Chili Stew 🍵

(Serves 8, approx 15 min prep, 45 min cooking- total time 1 hour)


– 2 lbs ground Deer Meat, browned

– 1 Quart Chicken Broth (Central Market Organic Free Range is our fav store bought)

– 3-5 tomatillos, husks removed and diced

– 1/2 lb Hatch Green Chilis, seeded and diced

– 1 Medium Onion

– 3-6 cloves of garlic, diced (more or less for your love of garlic)

– 1 tbs Cumin

– Salt and Pepper to taste

– 2 limes for garnish- hold till end

– 1 bunch of cilantro diced, for garnish – hold till end

– (Alternate toppings- shredded cheese or sour cream- YUM)


Add all diced veggies, with a splash of broth, to pot on medium heat. Start browning the meat, stir veggies as needed and mix in meat once browned, cumin, salt/pepper, and rest of broth. Bring to boil, then reduce to low and put the lid on. Let simmer 30 minutes. Garnish with lime juice & cilantro & enjoy!


I am really looking forward to the fall months, when this will warm & fill us up & it’ll make awesome leftovers! Oh, and BTW this was husband approved- his words “You can make this again.” 👍👍

If you try this & love it, be sure to share the love! 



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