Our beach vacation

A few weeks ago we loaded up our camper & headed south for 10 days. Beach vacation, baby!


It was a great break from the rush of every day life, the garden & it’s overwhelming amount of weeds, and a normal routine. And did I mention it was to the beach? I yeah, I did. Sorry 🙂


Our destination & residence for that time was Jamaica Beach RV Park just outside Galveston on the island. It was our 3rd year to vacation there & we’ll continue to go back there when the opportunity allows. (And I am not paid in any form or fashion for anything in this post)


Here’s a few reasons why we stay there:

  • Family friendly
  • All roads within the park are paved which equals kids riding their bikes.
  • Family movies every night during the summer. Outside.
  • Kiddie pool that transitions into the adult pool at night.
  • Right across the road from the beach. (see no sand in the camper)
  • It’s far enough outside of Galveston to not be in the constant traffic of Galveston.
  • Alpaca’s. Yep. It’s weird, but the kids love it.
  • It has a laundry room. No one likes to dry off their sun burn with a sandy towel. You know what I am talking about.
  • It’s cheap. Compared to a hotel anyways. Like at least 50% cheaper.


Other things we did:

  • Crab hunting with our dog Ringo on the beach at night. Let’s just say there was lots of girly screaming & running around in the dark!
  • Fishtales restaurant. We love this place. It’s not overly priced, you can sit out on the deck with a view of the Gulf and the crab/fish/shrimp/spinach/cream cheese stuff noodle shells were to die for.
  • Ferry to Bolivar Pennisula. It’s free & you almost always get to see dolphins. It was also my first bout with motion sickness. Good times I tell ya.
  • LA Kinds Ice Cream & Confectionery on the Strand. This place is so good. I could eat their ice cream every day. Think old timey soda shoppe/candy store. Homemade fudge, salt water taffy and dozens of ice cream flavors are just a few of the things they offer.
  • The beach. I could stay on the beach ALL DAY LONG.
  • Cooking. We actually only went out to eat like 2-3 times while we were there. The rest of the time we cerealed, sandwiched and cooked at the camper.


Here’s a few photo’s from our trip:


The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

The Sea Bean or Sea Hart I found on the beach.


The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Pretty puffy clouds

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Camper headquarters with our fence of oleanders

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Playing catch in our “yard”

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Souvenir shopping with the girls

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Our dog Ringo crab hunting at night on the beach. He’s serious about this!

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

Super blurry crab picture!

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

And of course the last day was the best beach day.

Oh, and I celebrated my birthday at the coast too! Yummy ice cream & fresh fish & shrimp were part of that day.

The Elston Family - Beach Vacation

If you’re anywhere near the Texas coast, I highly recommend giving Galveston a shot. They have rebuilt since Hurricane Ike & there is LOTS to do in and around the island. Hopefully next trip we can squeeze in a 24-48 fishing trip.

Happy Summer y’all.



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