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Remember when- tomatoes of 2013

I call it the year of the monstrous tomatoes. Summer 2013 was also the year of zucchini the size of your thigh. How they grow 4 inches a day is beyond me.


Anywho. Tomatoes of 2013.


Some were ugly, but soooooo good.


Sliced ‘maters, stewed ‘maters, fermented salsa with ‘maters, spaghetti with fresh ‘mater sauce, canned ‘maters, ulcers in my mouth from eating so many ‘maters… It was ‘mater heaven.


(We actually still have canned tomatoes put up from last summer’s bounty)


So as I wanted to curse the ground as we weeded the whole garden this weekend (dang lambs quarters are the devil), I couldn’t help but say a prayer for each and every plant. Because I want this again…


Tomatoes of 2013:

Big tomato from our garden BIG tomatoes

Tomatoes & Zucchini

Garden Harvest


May all your gardens grow & produce this year! Happy gardening!




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