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Canning Carrots

How to Can Carrots

I wouldn’t say it was a bumper crop carrot harvest, but we did pull about 3 lbs of edible sized carrots a few weeks ago. It was our best harvest to date. We like carrots, but since we had already bought a 5lb bag from the store, we thought it’d be best to can these sweet little guys to enjoy later.


Looking back on this preservation project, I’d suggest waiting until you have at least 5 or more lbs to work with. It’s tedious with peeling them all & cutting them into pieces that fit into your jars.


How to Can Carrots

Canning Carrots


What you’ll need:

Pressure Canner

Jar grabber

Pint size canning jars (approx. 4-6 jars per 3-4 lbs)

Lids & rings

1 tsp canning salt per pint jar


What to do:

Fill you pressure canner with water, and bring to a boil.

Wash carrots, remove carrot tops, peel carrots & cut into desired sizes. We like ours about 1.5 inches long. Set aside.


Canning Carrots How to Can Carrots How to Can Carrots


Sanitize your jars, lids & rings. I cannot emphasize how important this step is (you’ll see in a minute). I normally wash mine in super duper hot water & let air dry, but steaming them in the dishwasher or immersing them in boiling water for at least 10 minutes works too.


Bring 1 cup of water per pint jar to a boil. In a separate pot, add carrots to boiling water & boil for 5 minutes.


Drain water from boiling carrots, add your carrots to your jars leaving 1 inch headspace at the top of the jar. Add 1/2 teaspoon canning salt to each pint jar, pour boiling water into each carrot filled jar, still leaving 1 inch of headspace.


How to Can Carrots


Once you have filled the jars with carrots, salt, and boiling water- wipe the rim of each jar with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any debris, water or salt that could possibly cause the jar not to seal properly.


Place your lids firmly on the jar, and screw on each ring. Not super tight, just so the contents wont leak out.


Use those handy-dandy jar grabbers (you’ll be sorry if you don’t) and place each of the jar into the pressure canner. The water should be level with the tops of the jars.


Canning Carrots

Place your lid and weight on the base of your canner (the pot). You’ll want to process these at 10 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes. A good rule of thumb is to start timing from the moment your pressure valve starts rattling or you can hear steam sputtering.


After 15 minutes has past, turn off the heat, and let the temperature fall on it’s own. Do not remove the weights, remove from heat element, or remove the lid. (you could be seriously burnt by steam or the lid could come flying off in your face)


Once the pot has cooled, remove the weights, lid, and the jars from the canner. Sit the jars somewhere out of the way on the counter & let them sit until you hear the faint “pop” of each jar sealing. That’s a good sound you want to hear!


How to Can Carrots


If you have some that don’t seal, I suggest refrigerating them immediately & consuming them within the next few days.


Canning Carrots     Canning Carrots


They say if it’s bad, you’ll know. Two weeks after I canned these carrots, I was surprised to find this interesting “growth” in my jars. You can see how cloudy they are in the picture on the left, and the funky thing in the right picture. After thinking back on the series of events of canning these, I am pretty sure I sanitized the lids & rings, but completely forgot about the jars. See where that’ll get ya?! Luckily these hadn’t began to smell, but every single jar was affected & 1 jar of the 4 had lost it’s seal. No bueno man. I think this is a pretty good indication of bad.


So remember- Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And eat your veggies 🙂

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