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Our new hoop house- Just in time for winter

The landscape has changed here across North Texas over the last few weeks. It finally looks & feels like fall. I don’t think I can remember another fall with such beautiful colored leaves on the trees.

And then over night, fall will be gone & dive head first into winter. For real. It’s blowing in tonight.

So we’ve been busy around here prepping our place for winter. Little things like turning on a heater next to the washer pipes, draining the tanks & pipes in the camper trailer, & wrapping up the outdoor faucets.


And the 800 sq ft of winter garden to be covered.


Last year it was half that size & we let it be dormant (other than onions) for the winter. This past spring we planted too early & have to cover/un-cover the garden 9 zillion times with blankets, sheets, plastic, etc. to keep it alive. I’ll admit it was hideous. And tedious. But it worked.

With all the effort we have taken to get the seeds to grow into beautiful food, we really couldn’t tolerate the thought of all of it freezing this winter. I would cry.

I will cry if it dies.


Since my husband is such a dear & totally on board with my attempts at self-sufficiency, he & his grandpa  built me a ginormous (12×40), temporary green house/ hoop house to fit over the back half of the garden. And a few other cover-ups for various garden areas 🙂

I’m super pumped about it. I can’t wait to start seeds in there for the spring/summer garden, and to use it as my own little personal space to retreat to in the winter. It should be all nice, muggy & warm in there.

The best part- Total expense for all the coverings: just under $200

Which totally pays for itself since we will eat WAY more than $200 worth of veggies throughout the winter.

Here’s a few pictures before we covered it:

Prep WorkFall Garden


May I present to you-  my new winter oasis:


Greenhouse Oasis


The Patio Garden:

 side bed

Fall Patio Garden

Patio Garden


Hopefully it’ll withstand the wind, UV rays, and any sleet we get throughout the winter.

How about you? What are you doing to prep your garden for the winter?





4 thoughts on “Our new hoop house- Just in time for winter”

  1. Y’all are true urban gardeners ,I continue to be impressed with your self sufficiency in urban gardening. This is what its all about ,continue the good work and happy holidays from the Stephenville organic garden club.



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