Sinfully Delicious Soup

Sinfully Delicious Soup

It needs no other name. So I’m calling it sinfully delicious soup. You’ll see & agree.

It all started earlier in the week, when I asked on the Facebook page if anyone had a dairy free recipe for creamed asparagus soup. I got zero response. So I took matters into my own hands.

As previously stated, I make my husband nervous in the kitchen with my “recipes are merely guidelines” theory. When I cook- he either loves it or hates it. This is another winner (unlike the tomato-lentil soup that ended up chicken feed last week).

Unfortunatley, I have 1 picture of the finished project. I was choppin’ veggies & sippin’ wine and completely forgot to take step by step pictures, so you’ll just have to use your imagination 🙂

Sinfully Delicious Soup

(serves 4)

What you’ll need:

    • 1 lb fresh asparagus, the top half chopped into small pieces, compost the rest

    • 1 medium yellow onion (ours was from our garden), chopped into small pieces

    • 3 stalks of celery, chopped into small pieces

    • small package of fresh mushrooms, sliced

    • 1 lb of italian sausage (pastured &/or organic if you have access to it)


How to prepare:

Cook your italian sausage thoroughly & while you’re working on that, go ahead and throw all your chopped & sliced veggies into a seperate pot along with all of the bone broth & butter (or ghee). Let it simma’ until the onions are transparent & the mushrooms softened. At this point, you can add the entire contents of the coconut milk and stir in. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes until you notice your mixture starting to thicken & add your thoroughly cooked italian sausage. Stir in well, season with sea salt & cracked black pepper if desired, and serve.

This is how it looked right before I inhaled it.

sinfully delicious soup

The smell is tantalizing, and the taste is well…sinfully delicious. For being dairy free, my husband & I were shocked how thick & “cheesey” it tasted. This totally “hit the spot” and left us miserably full 🙂  Enjoy!

Sinfully Delicious Soup -


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