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Our urban garden

I’ve talked & posted pictures about our place on Facebook, but neglected it on the blog.


Maybe it’s not a full-blown farm, but it’s a little one. And really Elston Backyard Farms got the name from being poked fun at for our efforts of homesteading in the city. One day I have BIG plans of a place in the country. Where I can have as many chickens as I want, bees, goats, pigs, and maybe even a dairy cow.


But in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy what we have- a huge urban garden & backyard chickens- the ability to feed our family good quality food & to teach our kids where it all comes from….Here is a look back on our last 2 years of doing this urban homesteading/farming thing 🙂 And yes…I got completely carried away with these pictures!

I hope this inspires you to plant something- no matter where you live!



479435_3445851312167_1768185786_o474900_10150838878805874_1797255416_o6297_10151523604615874_1547057154_n - Copy

424584_10151656998855874_821106599_n1293076_146704838873751_1517225090_o 111111



1376476_154584858085749_331644081_n  11111

1185065_141444999399735_850956354_n   1111111

382679_10151657001250874_1770057682_n1000610_10151998670705874_1259594157_n999417_138630739681161_2106400826_n   111111111171958_10151531929155874_176114577_n




All of that turned into this (times a million)!









444444444 3333333333 22222222222 111111111

Which we turned into this (over 200 jars of homegrown, canned food):

canning background



12 thoughts on “Our urban garden”

  1. Wow! you guys have a huge operation. I can barely keep up what our little garden produces. It’s inspiring though. Congrats on a successful season! Can’t wait for next year!


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