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Meat Chickens- Week 4

As promised, here is a weekly update on the meat chickens.

They are entering their 4th week of life. They are growing super fast & are U-G-L-Y….You spelled that out didn’t you? 🙂

We’ve only lost 3 out of 50, so that’s more encouraging than the last time (3 out of 30). And despite a small mishap with a leaky watering system this past week, all is well. I wish I could tell you more exciting stuff about them, but they really aren’t exciting.

They pretty much eat, sleep & repeat.

These dense little boogers are growing faster than their feathers can catch up. To give you a perspective on size, I have to use both hands to hold 1 bird now.

So that’s pretty much it. Hopefully next week they’ll learn tricks so I can tell you something exciting about them. Yeah….probably not.

And so the count down to processing begins…..18 days!








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