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“Bama beans” & a 95th Birthday Celebration

I know. What the heck are “bama beans” and what do they have to do with a 95th birthday celebration? Yeah, its random. But it’ll all make a full circle in a minute. Stay with me here.


“Bama beans” aren’t any exotic brand of bean. But their story is a cool one. “Bama beans” as we call them are actually green beans. These green beans are special green beans. Back in the day (and I don’t even know when that day was, but it was before I was born), my husbands great grandmother (aka MeMaw)’s mom had grown green beans from seed in Alabama.


Then when she moved from Alabama to Texas, she brought the seeds with her. That’s why they are “bama beans”.


But that’s not all. This is where it gets better, promise.


Early this past spring, my husband’s MeMaw asked us if we would like some of these seeds. We were pretty much like– Holy Smokes! You still have the seeds? How old are they? Will they grow anything?


MeMaw told us that the last time they were used was in 1988 and they’ve been in a metal coffee can (you know, before the cans switched to plastic) in her deep freeze ever since.


I don’t know about you, but that is AWESOME! That’s AWESOME with your voice high kind of awesome.


And they were in fact awesome. So awesome that they grew & produced.



And then produced more & more. At the end of the season, we had canned about 30 pints & 5 quarts of “bama beans”.


Here’s a few of them:


We’ve enjoyed them & will continue to throughout the winter. And we’ve saved seeds for next year’s garden.


“But what does this have to do with a 95th birthday celebration?”, you ask?


Because it’s MeMaw’s 95th birthday party today! And how do you celebrate at a 95th birthday party? With food & fellowship, of course.


If you don’t know MeMaw, you’re missing out. I can’t imagine life through her eyes. She has seen so much, lived through so much, grieved & rejoiced. She is a woman of God. A boss at making jelly & breads, and has played the piano at church every Sunday for at least  50 years, if not more. The world needs more MeMaw’s.


Did I mention she is giving me her colander for her birthday? She’s something else I tell ya’.


So we’re bringing “bama beans” as a side dish as a tribute to her & her day of celebration. Here’s my recipe if you want it:


Bama Beans (aka Green Beans)


2 jars of green beans, drained & rinsed. Drain again.

A heaping tablespoon (or 2) of organic/pastured butter.

1/2 cup homemade chicken bone broth

sea salt & cracked pepper to taste.

crushed garlic clove, optional

Heat & serve.


Happy Birthday MeMaw!



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