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Breaking up with my canner

Things I am not good at: Stress, stress & stress.

If you know me personally, you know that I don’t handle stress well. Like ever.

And for me: stress = pain. Pain that generally manifests into horrible back & neck pain, and headaches. Pain that is not controlled with OTC meds, because the pain is not the problem. The stress is the problem.

So what do I stress about? Conflicting work schedules, stress from a strong willed 3 year old (that is finally potty-trained…praise the Lord!), stress from that pesky congestion that our 5 year old has…praying it doesn’t turn into anything else. And a few other things that you really don’t care about, so I’ll spare you the petty details. All things that I really have no control of, so therefore I really should not stress about them.

And then the other stresses like: Stress from the blessing of an over abundantly producing garden that I MUST do something with (waste not, want not,right?!)….WHOA. Back up. Yep. I just said stress from a blessing.

You probably think I am horrible. Like I just slapped the hand the hand that helps feed our family super good food in this case that feeds us or something. Stay with me here….maybe I’ve taken this blessing & actually turned it INTO a problem. A totally unnecessary problem that may or may not have caused me to shed a few tears.

Please don’t get me wrong or take me as ungrateful.

I LOVE gardening, I LOVE cooking, I LOVE preserving. In fact, those were all my outlets from stress in the beginning. A pantry/deep freeze full of chickens we processed our self, deer meat given to us, colorful jars of homegrown & canned veggies/jams/sauces that will give our bodies nutrition, help our grocery bill & gift to others makes my heart ever-so-happy. I am thankful for this creative outlet that actually produces something that is worth-a-darn.

Some of my (125+) pretties:

canning background

I think I took that dad-gum “waste not, want not” expression to heart. Somewhere in our never ending sea of tomato plants & okra- I lost sight  the other things that are important. You know- like cuddling & reading books with the kiddos, meaningful conversations with my ever-so patient, amazing, hunky husband, and a good glass of wine while indulging in some favorite shows on TV. My job is not to be the best mom ever in the history of moms. It’s to be the best I can be- for me, my husband, and the kids. In that order. Momma can’t take care of everyone else if she ain’t takin’ care of herself, ya’ know?

Surely you can relate on some level. I’m imagining your heads nodding up & down. It makes me feel better. Feel free to leave me a comment & share your experience(s) in failure of super-mom to make me feel better. Or some stress management tips that work for you. Go ahead. Don’t be shy.

 So, I am breaking up with my canner, temporarily. I’ll soon be putting the canner up until Spring (right after I get my delicious jalapeno jelly canned for Christmas). I have an appointment with an acupuncturist today to alleviate some debilitating back pain I’ve been experiencing (aka takin’ care of momma). Now I just need to snuggle those kiddos, sip that glass of wine while watching The Andy Griffith Show with the hubby & I’ll be all set.

Oh, and if I offer you fresh produce, please take it.  You’d being doing us both a favor!

Now who wants okra?!


8 thoughts on “Breaking up with my canner”

  1. I struggle with the “should be mom, super mom” syndrome daily. But then I count my blessings, & you should too because we share some of those ya know


  2. You are a great writer! Love reading your blog! A find a GREAT stress reliever is actually exercise! Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not into work out every second of every day like some are! I wish I were a bit more dedicated but I, like you, just have too many things going on to fit much more in! I am going to attempt to start back up because I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I do! After all, we are too blessed to be stressed! Am I right??


    1. Thanks Amber! I’ve been telling myself I’ll start exercising (yoga and Pilates are my favorite) when I feel better, but I keep putting myself in the vicious cycle. I WILL start excersizing. ASAP. Not going to put it off any more!


  3. Yep, my head was a nodding in agreement. Gotta love the mom stresses and the canning season. I am so with you on the canning. Uf-da! I really don’t care if I see another tomato or not right now. And yes, my counter still has them and I still have a solid 20 pound box of pears to can. Along with some stray carrots and beets to take care of, so ya I get it. I’ve been trying to remember to go for a run or hang out for a little extra time and snuggle a kitten while I’m watching the chickens eat. Amazing how much that little bit helps. Or like today I just gave in and snuggled with my 2 year-old on the couch and watched cartoons with her. Some days ya just have to give in. 🙂 Good luck and hope the acupuncturist helps.


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