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Pat, you dirty bird!

pat pic


A little bird must have told Pat that it’s gender wasn’t obvious, because last night I caught Pat acting like, well, a dirty bird.


I thought one of the hens was being attacked, and truthfully she was. Bless her heart. Poor girl wasn’t having any part of Pat’s shenanigans.


Pat will be leaving us tomorrow. Don’t worry, we won’t eat him. We just can’t have roosters in the city. He’ll be going back to his roots in the country.


I’ll let you know how that goes…since I’ll be catching a rooster by myself, putting him in a dog crate & toting him in my mini-van, with 2 kids. On the upside, he shouldn’t get sick like a motion sick dog- so maybe it’ll be an odor-less commute.




Do you have any funny stories about keeping chickens in the city?


3 thoughts on “Pat, you dirty bird!”

  1. hahahaha! That’s too funny! I hear roos are really good for your gals though! He keeps them in line and alerts them to the many things that chickens are “required” to do! Might want to think about keeping him around! And he’s not bad on the eyes! hehe


  2. Thanks 🙂 He is pretty. He hasn’t started crowing yet, but we aren’t supposed to have roosters in town (for the crowing reason). So we figured we should relocate him before he draws any unwanted attention from our neighbors. He’s headed to your neck of the woods, where he can get his groove on anytime 🙂


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