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The “Girls” & “Pat”

In case you didn’t know, chickens are the gateway drug to homesteading/farming/sustainability. Really. It’s true. You’ll be gardening, canning, & dehydrating before you know it.

And let me start by saying that I didn’t always have a love for chickens. I have always liked fried chicken, but the feathery thing with claws? Not so much. In fact, I was pretty terrified of them. Not enough to have a panic attack or anything. Just enough to hurt myself trying to get away from them. They reminded me of tiny dinosaurs with their scaly legs & feet.

Anyhow, I like love them now. In addition to their funny personalities, they give us some gorgeous eggs (they are laying up to 3 a day now!), and some really good poop for the compost that we will eventually work into our garden that will bless us with more nutrient rich food.

So without further ado, meet the feathery members of our fam:

This is Girlfriend. She is one of two chickens we’ve named. She is a dominicker & she thinks she is a dog. Which really confuses our dogs. She is my favorite. She will let me pet her on occasion.
girlfriend pic

The girls getting their grub & green on. Bring on those tasty eggs 🙂

bug control

And here is Pat. We hatched Pat from an egg. Pat looks like a rooster. Pat is large in size & has long, long legs. Pat doesn’t crow or have spurs. We don’t know if Pat is male or female & haven’t a clue about sexing a chicken. Any volunteers?
pat pic

We have a few more chicks/chickens than these pictured, but they aren’t as paparazzi-friendly yet 🙂


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